About us

So, who are we?

For this part, we haven’t really found the answer ourselves yet. We’re constantly in search for new interests, projects, and basically the ‘next big thing’!

After spending some years in the fashion industry, we’ve finally decided that being a part of the never-ending cycle of consumerism is totally passé. We’re here to live a life full of aesthetics, variety, and inspiration, that in no way harms our environment. We believe in consuming stuff that is exactly right for us, and cheers us up while at it.

Join us on our ride as we search for our happiness and document every step on the way!

What makes us happy?

Some delicious and nutritious food, made from the best products that we could get our hands on. We’re all about colors, textures, and aesthetics!

Our Goal at ‘My Modern Oasis’
To create a pleasing and aesthetic online environment, which documents actual information, quick tips, and the latest trends on wellness, lifestyle, and home-décor.

We would like to collaborate with brands, designers, shops and creators whom we believe in. We’d love to shoot photos with them and share their stories on our page.

A bit about the authors..


Einav is 34, and lives in Tel-Aviv with her partner and her daughter, little Polly. She graduated the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Fashion Design, and took the Interdisciplinary Arts Program at the Tel-Aviv University. Einav is a Food and Life-Style Stylist, and a Location Designer.


Efrat is 33, and also lives in Tel Aviv with her partner. She has the same degree in Fashion Design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Efrat works as an Art Director and a full-time home-décor expert.

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